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About Us: Welcome


And what do we do?

     We started out as just two teachers who met while teaching art and music at the same elementary school! Through sharing students, stories, many late nights, and a mutual love of all things artsy and fun, we quickly became work besties. We discovered a love of challenging ourselves to collaborate together on lessons that incorporate multiple forms of art and creativity; from singing & dancing, to crafting & creating - we do a little bit of it all!

     When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we saw just how fun teaching virtually could be, and we were empowered to share our love of art and music with a wider audience. This way, we could help ensure that all students could continue learning art and music from the comfort of their own homes. Between live lessons, Tiktok Tutorials, our Youtube channel and other special events, we stay very busy!

To read more about us, and our individual teaching qualifications, keep scrolling!

About Us: About


I'm a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts and have been teaching visual arts for 11 years. I have worked for a specialized arts school and have also worked as an elementary art teacher in public schools. I love teaching art because kids love making art.


I have so much fun helping kids be creative and create something amazing!


About Us: About


    I'm a Virginia-licensed music teacher and have been teaching in the public schools for 6 years. I majored in music education at Virginia Commonwealth University, and am currently making my way through school at NYU for a Masters in Music Education! I am fully Orff Certified and have almost completed my Kodály certification, too.

Making music is incredibly special to me! I actually met my husband in high school choir, and have many so many friends through music along the way.

I think every child is an artist; they just need help finding the right tools THEY need to express! 

(...and same goes for the grown-ups, too 😉)

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